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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 14, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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morning good morning, america. and panic in the air. a man trapped in the cargo hold of a jumbo jet. >> i think we have -- um hearing a noise from the baggage compartment. >> passengers hearing pounding and screaming from below. the pilot forced to make an emergency landing. how could he survive the cold? and how did he get there in the first place? deadly accident. a volunteer sheriff's deputy charged with manslaughter, fatally shooting a suspect running from police during an undercover sting. pulling his handgun instead of his taser. why was this insurance executive on the scene of a high-risk police operation? unwelcome house guest. a mountain lion camped out under an l.a. home, refusing to leave the crawl space. a surprised worker coming face to face with the big cat and what they are doing right now to rescue him.
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♪ i'm four five seconds from ♪ and the battle of the music stars. rihanna and jay z lead the charge with their new streaming service. and apple looks to shake it up, trying to recruit taylor swift and other top acts. with -- will this battle change the way we listen to music forever? and good morning, america. busy tuesday. we have a lot to get to this morning. what a terrifying moment aboard that west coast flight. listen to this. [ banging noise ] >> can you imagine? can you imagine being on that flight and hearing the banging from the cargo hold? that was a passenger recording that video. sounds from the baggage handler trapped right below them. this could have big implications for security.
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>> neal karlinski is in seattle. >> good morning. this one takes sleepless in seattle to a whole new level. the baggage handler claims he fell asleep on the job and that's how he wound up in the belly of a 737 in the air screaming for his life. >> i think we have uh -- hearing a noise from the baggage come part. >> reporter: alaska airlines flight 448 had just talken off when the pilot says he heard pounding and screaming come up from the floor. >> could be a person in there. so we're going the come back around. >> reporter: passengers were stunned and scared. [ pounding noise ] one of them recording the banging on his cell phone. >> starting hearing yelling for help. and we started yelling at the flight attendant. >> reporter: sure enough when the plane landed after just 14 minutes, you could see him being led into an ambulance, a
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bewildered baggage handler, who says he fell asleep on the job inside. waking to his horror in the air, where he pounded and screamed from the plane's front baggage compartment under the passengers. it's the same compartment that holds pets so it was pressurized and kept at a suitable temperature. >> a u.s. marshal started yelling and said we're turning around. we're getting ready to land. old on to something. >> reporter: the man is a con strakter for menzies aviation. he passed a drug test. his team noticed him missing and called and texted his cell phone but didn't get an answer. authorities say the baggage handler is doing just fine this morning. as for his future and his job, stay tuned. george? >> okay neal. thank you very much.
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analyst john nance also in seattle this morning. thank you, john for joining us. we have heard about stowaways. i have never heard of anybody getting stuck in a cargo hold by accident. >> this has happened in the past history. it's very unusual. in this case it looks like it's the result of an assumption. they couldn't find him. they assumed he went home at the end of the day. he hadn't. >> they work long days. a routine part of the job. >> they do. that's one of the things this investigation has to look at. not just did this individual fall asleep obviously so. but is there chronic fatigue out there? we don't want fatigued people around jetliners. >> we see it with pilots. now with the handlers. the cargo hold is pressurized. what kind of danger was this man actually in? >> uh, mainly boredom. fright. because it is warm and the same air and pressurization as you
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have many the cab season down there. there's no light though. and no inflight movie or restroom. kit get very inconvenient. >> john nance, thank you very much. >> all right, george thank you. to the fatal police shooting. this one in tulsa, oklahoma. a volunteer reserve deputy sheriff has been charge rd manslaughter after shooting an unarmed man. authorities say he reached for his taser but accidentally grabbed his handgun. ryan smith has that story. >> reporter: this is the moment an undercover operation turns tragic. as tulsa departments were chasing 44-year-old eric harris running from police after allegedly selling drugs and guns. >> roll on your stomach. >> reporter: no one expected this. [ gunshot ] >> oh i shot him, i'm sorry. >> reporter: robert bates
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shooting the unarmed man, after he mistook his gun for a stun gun. >> he shot me! he shot me! >> reporter: you can hear the 73-year-old apologizing. >> oh i shot him, i'm sorry. >> reporter: harris passed away after the shooting. on monday bates was charged with second-degree manslaughter. >> he used a deadly force. no one intended for mr. harris to die that day. >> reporter: those words lacking comfort for harris' grieving family. >> he was peaceful. he was loving. he was caring. and he was my brother. that i'll never see again. until i see him in heaven. >> reporter: the shooting sparking outrage on social media. one user tweeting when will police killings stop? another, the video is heart breaking. and nauseating. this morning, many are asking why bates, an insurance company executive, who has been acting
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as a volunteer deputy since 2008 was even on the scene in the first place? for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to ryan. we bring if abc's dan abrams to weigh in. the charge of manslaughter? >> it means it was a criminal mistake. he'll say on the one hand this was a regular mistake, that any person could make. the prosecutors are saying no, there's more than that. there's a reasonable duty of care you have to use. you didn't use it. you violated it. you move from being just a mistake to a criminal mistake facing the possibility of two to four years behind bars. >> how do you think this will play out? >> there will be basic agreement he didn't do it on purpose. i don't think anybody will argue that he did it intentionally. they'll argue over what should that mean? they'll go through moment by moment what happened? how did it happen?
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and would an ordinary person someone using reasonable care have done what he did? i think he'll try to use, by the way -- >> the volunteer reserve deputy sheriff. many people hadn't heard of that before. >> that will be part of the defense. i didn't do this regularly. this is the sort of innocent mistake someone like me could make. prosecutors will say not to innocent. >> it will be interesting to see how this plays out. we turn to hillary clinton, fresh off an under the radar road trip from new york city. she'll make higher first official appearance this morning. cecilia vega on the trail. >> reporter: good morning to you. stealth is the word we're hearing out here on the trail. who knew hillary clinton likes herself a good road trip? we're told this whole thing was her idea. a political where's waldo? this morning, hillary clinton is spending her first two days on the campaign trail driving from
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new york to the hawkeye state in n what she calls her scooby van. two public sightings in two days. one at this pennsylvania gas station. and another, at an ohio chipotle, caught on security camera ordering a chicken burrito bowl. the former secretary of state wearing sun glasses. nobody recognized her. overnight, details of clinton's mystery trip revealed. just as he launched on sunday with this video. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: clinton, her campaign staffers and a secret service detail left her home driving through new jersey into pennsylvania where they made the gas station pit stop. spending the night in pittsburgh heading west before stopping at that chipotle in maumee ohio on monday where she always ordered guac. then a stop in joliet illinois.
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>> everyday americans need champion. and i want to be that champion. >> reporter: clinton lost in iowa in 2008. she tours a community college, her first official stop today. she's coming here with humility ready to work for every vote. they're trying to avoid the appearance of a coronation. while hillary was keeping a low-profile look on the road marco rubio was declaring in a big way. i sat down with him before the kickoff speech and asked him why he wants to be president. >> i think this country is at at generational moment where it needs to decide what kind of country are we going to want to be moving forward? >> reporter: why you in. >> i realize every country in the world has rich people. what makes us unique is this is the one place on earth where millions and millions of people
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who are not rich still own a home save for retirement. if we lose that we stop being special. our next president of the united states has to understand that. is passionate about it. has a plan to revive it and expand it. >> reporter: you called hillary clinton in one word yesterday. what does that mean? >> one of the challenges today we have is we're trying to fix 21st century problems with 20th century ideas, right? we have people from yesterday, leaders that have still grounded in the 20th century who think if we just pour more money into the existing higher education system we'll get a 21st century result. that's not true. >> reporter: she wants to run to be the champion of everyday americans. why are you running? >> because her ideas will not help everyday americans. >> reporter: i have to ask you about jeb bush. you said when you were running for senate you would defer if he wanted the senate seat. why not defer to him now snnlts
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that was at a didn't time in my life my career. the country was at a didn't moment. today, we're furtherer along in the 21st century. not owl policies. i feel uniquely called to at least lend my voice to the effort. jeb is my friend. he'll continue the be my friend. >> reporter: hard to be friends when you're running against him? >> no i don't agree. i'm not running against jeb. he's not running against me. we're competing for the same job. >> reporter: you would ask yourself what would jeb do? >> sure. >> reporter: if you're asking yourself that why shouldn't people vote for him? >> he continues to be a model for how to approach public policy. we've reached a moment where i believe it needs a republican party that is new and vibrant. that upss the future. has an agenda for that future. i feel qualified to offer that. >> reporter: what would it mean for america to see the first
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latino president? >> i don't know. i haven't viewed my candidacy in that light. it would be an important moment. for anyone who comes from families like mine. >> reporter: senator thank you. >> thank you. >> though he doesn't agree with president obama on much he wrote that he teared up at president obama as he won, because it meant the first african-american president. >> you'll have more with senator rubio and his wife later? >> yes. year just getting word about a deadly attack on a government building in the capital of somalia. gunmen stormed the ministry of education. hostages have been taken, that's reported. it's believed to be the latest attack by al shabab which attacked a college in neighboring kenya this month, killing 150 people. new tensions with russia this morning.
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john kerry is protesting vladimir putin's decision to sell an advanced missile defense system to iran. back here in this country, a tragic zept near seattle. a concrete slab fell from an overpaz that is underconstruction, crushing a pickup truck and filling the family of three inside including an infant. investigators are looking into the decision to leave that road open. a disaster averted at this work site. a crane toppling over. workers scrambled to get out of the way. the crane operator suffered only minor injuries. a dangerous rescue mission overnight in los angeles. crews vying to lure a mountain lion out from undera home. take a look. it wandered under a crawl space. man working on a house crawled down there to install a security system and came face to face
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with the big cat, just a few feet away. the mountain lion has been spotted in the neighborhood before. wild life officials have fired bean bags and tennis balls trying to get it to come out. a frightening moment. look at that. a car spinning out of control, hitting the crew member flipping him through the air. you'll see it there in slow motion. whoo! but he walked away from the crash. want to know why? he was wearing his helmet. finally, a reminder to everyone out there, it ain't over till it's over especially when you're running a race. check out this runner from the university of oregon. thinks he has the race in the bag. look at him celebrating, whoo-hoo! he didn't see the guy coming up from behind. oh yeah beating him there at the line. oh! later, the agony of needless defeat set in. it became clear, he learned his lesson. >> yes, he did.
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>> it ain't over till it's over. >> the look on his face. >> he learn pd it the hard way. >> the very hard way. >> when you strut, you stumble. my mama said that. he certainly did. i want to talk about something we're used to strutting and winning. tom brady. he knows how to throw a football. i know that first hand. his first pitch at the red sox home opener on monday shows it's not the same when chowyou put a baseball in his hand. >> brady throws caught. >> reporter: overnight the soup bowl champ with the golden arm less than pitch perfect. >> four-time super bowl champion, tom brady, to throw the ceremonial first pitch. >> reporter: watch again. brady seeming worried it won't go well. mouthing, oh no. before he winds up. and look this guy diving out of the way as red sox star big papi behind the plate struggles to make the stop. social media lighting up after
7:17 am
the not so terrific toss. january brady throws better than tom brady, said one. >> marsha marsha moresha. >> reporter: 50 cent sent his first pitch way out of the frame. >> just a bit outside. >> reporter: mariah carey's went straight into the ground. and president obama couldn't bring the heat. brady is an athlete. the patriots posting this video on twitter, of him taking batting practice afterwards. maybe he was on the wrong side of the ball. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> yes, stick to football tom. >> you were saying during the piece, it's not that easy. >> it's not. you get the ball all the baseball players walk up to the top of the dugout cross your arms and they look at you like show us what you got, football
7:18 am
guy. it's the scariest thing i have ever done sports wise. >> when you're tom brady, i think you can be bad at something. it make me feel better. >> you're enjoying his pain. >> no just enjoying that he's >> yes, let's start in fort worth. texas had quite a bit of flooding. you can see it here this video taken from cell phone in front yard. there's a car submerged. how about the video from lubbock texas. this video coming in six or even 7-inches rain falling. in now that flash flooding moving to the east. south texas new orleans to mobile and right there in parts of the the ohio river valley. this morning's tuesday trivia brought you to by carmax.
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>> good morning everyone, dave murphy here with an update from accuweather. lots of rain out there. scattered off and on. , notice some heavy reran highlighted in yellow and darker shades of green tracking toward dover delaware. the airport looking kind of wet so are most of are roads. slow it down this morning. temperatures on o are about 60. your exclusive seven day shows a high of 65 with cloudy skies. showers ending this morning in the northern and western suburbs probably hanging on until about midday or so with just some light stuff later in philadelphia. coming up on "gma," jodi arias sentenced to life in prison without parole. what she said in her final plea to the judge. the free-range parents from maryland fightinging back this
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just ahead, jodi arias' final court appearance. what her
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:26 now on this tuesday april 14. let's go to matt pelman, he's keeping an eye and a crash on the schuylkill. good morning. >> you know, tam always amazing how little it takes to really mess up traffic on the schuylkill expressway. this little accident westbound approaching gulph mills is still taking out the right lane and now it's causing a
7:27 am
colossal delay. you're looking at stop and go traffic on the schuylkill westbound the whole way from approaching the roosevelt boulevard through this point approaching gulph mills. tow truck is there. hopefully it's gone soon but for now schuylkill westbound not where you want to be. getting there on the vine street expressway westbound you can see it's wet and traffic is crowded here as well. eastbound side has reopened, was closed overnight because of that new construction project. tonight it's the westbound side's turn starting at midnight things will be blocked at broad out to 76. have a crash in unionville along 309 at bergey road. watch out for one in horsham at summer and upland avenue. tam. >> let's go to sky 6hd and take a live look there over philadelphia international airport. you can see it's gray out there and raining. david has not month are details. >> the umbrella up here on the terrace for light rain, tam. take a look at storm tracker six live double scan. we're starting to dry out in allentown but the rest of us still dealing with some off and on mainly light rain a little heavier stuff moving in
7:28 am
toward dover and this is going to clear from north to south but it's going to take all day for it to get down off the coast. 63 degrees in philadelphia currently. so, on the mild side. and your afternoon call a high of 65 degrees, rainy morning in the i-95 corridor with a little bit of drying possible in the afternoon. as you go into south jersey and delaware, though, the rain could get heavy at times and it probably won't end until this evening. dry and nice tomorrow, though, tam. >> okay, thank you, david. that's the for "action news" right now. we're always on at we'll see in you 30. >> notes
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good morning, america. right now, questions about how a baggage handler got trapped in the car go hold of a flight forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. also right now, jodi arias sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. and those free-range parents fighting for the right to have their kids play unsupervised. we say good morning, america, on this tuesday morning. so much to get to. a big question for you parents up here right now. do you have a favorite child? we're going to -- >> no. no. >> we're going the hear from a mom. >> two of them. both watching right now. george. >> good answer george. >> this caused debate online. because a mother says yes, she does favor one child over the other the. >> you love your children
7:31 am
differently. but you love them with the same intensity. at least i do. >> way to put it. yes. >> i get in trouble if i say different. i love them exactly the same. >> safer that way. much safer that way. but the trick is for your child to think that they're the favorite. we were -- four children. all of us felt that we were the favorite. they made us feel that way. >> that's smart. that debate coming up later on. right now, a very different story. jodi arias getting her sentence life in prison. she made one last lea for mercy. ryan owens was there for all of it. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, george. jodi arias told the judge she's disgusted by hat she did. she's not the only one. that judge sentenced her to die in prison. her victim's family put it another way. in the pinstripes she'll have to wear for the rest of her life
7:32 am
jodi arias hears these last words from her victim's sister. >> burn in hell. >> reporter: moments before the on vikted killer apologizing for the murder of her mormon boyfriend, travis alexander nearly seven years ago. >> i'm very sorry for the pain i have caused the people that loved travis. >> reporter: she begs for mercy. for the chance to get out of this arizona prison. out of this cell in 25 years. she gets neither. >> the defendant shall be incarcerated for the rest of her natural life with no possibility of parole. >> reporter: outside the court, dozens of spectators watch. >> yes! >> reporter: she's twice avoided death row. two trials two juries deadlocked on her sentence. dae fence that's cost tax payers almost zlr 3.5 million. >> i can't believe i was capable of doing something that term.
7:33 am
i'm truly disgusted. >> reporter: more than does aen jurors sat back in the jury box to hear the judge's sentence. all wearing blue travis alexander's favorite color. they listened as his three sisters and aunt asked for and finally got some justice. >> she'll never, ever again have the opportunity to destroy more innocent lives like she did to us and to travis. >> reporter: arias' attorneys will appeal the sentence. but even jodi's mother says after she escaped death row twice, it's time for her to move on with what's left of her life. george? >> okay ryan. >> we appreciate it. now to the maryland couple who sparked a national conversation about being free-range parents. they're speaking out this morning, angry after their latest run-in with police who picked up their kids alone at park and held them for hours. david wright has that story. >> reporter: this morning, the
7:34 am
parents of rafi and devorah meitiv are vowing to vindicate their paints. the kids aged 10 and 6, were picked up by police sunday three blocks from their house, as they walk d home unsupervised from a neighborhood playground. in maryland that's against the law. >> the people that say it's dangerous and the world is different have been watching too much tv. >> reporter: according to the meitivs, the kids stopped to pet a dog and the dog owner called 911. >> two kids unaccompanied, walking around for about 20 minutes. >> reporter: they were detained in the back of a cruiser for nearly three hours. then delivered them to child protective services which held them a further six hours. they said the kids were terrified. not allowed to return home until nearly midnight on a school night. maryland child protective services declined to comment on
7:35 am
the case. but noted that protecting children is the agency's number one priority. >> cps has finally succeeded in making me terrified to let my kids out unsupervised because i'm afraid they'll take them away. >> reporter: this was at least the third encounter. earlier this year they were found guilty for unsubstantiated child neglect. the meitivs trust their kid and community. we must ask ourselves how we got to a point where a parent answer fear is that government firms will seize our children off the streets. for "good morning america," david wright abc news new york. >> that story sparks debate. not as much as the one about if you have a favorite child. since we have put that out there, boy.
7:36 am
let's go ahto amy in the social square. >> pink is fighting back. she's known for her energetic physical performances like this one. pink's perfect fit if i steek is frequently on display. look at her. she looks amazing. this photo of pink attending a charity event got social media talking about her look. it accused her of being out of shape. well the so what singer responded with this tweet saying she felt beautiful and that her healthy, voluptuous body is craving time off. she shared this photo. her daughter asked, why are you squishy? she quotes her husband that it's more to love. take that. i think she looks fantastic in both pictures. you know what? it is all about being happy. >> absolutely.
7:37 am
>> let's start in washington state. we've soon tornadoes, hail and damaging wind in the last 24 hours. i want to start with this tornado picture just west of seattle and robin you asked a great question. is this normal. for this time of year in april they have an average of two tornadoes in april so yes, it is relatively normal. this is the time of year you would have it and there is a strong storm moving through and that's why we see much of the west lit up with wind advisories warnings and then the fire danger is high from minnesota back to new mexico. that storm coming through and the rockies it could show up locally over a foot, gusts to 75 miles per hour. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> over here in the east ginger we have rain this morning across the region. looks like we're drying in the far northern suburbs but the rest of us dealing with wet roads and this is going to only slowly dry from north to south during the day. your seven-day from accuweather shows a high of 65. cloudy with showers.
7:38 am
the warmer weather. with that comes allergies. they're in full force. thank you for the sound effect robin. from maple and juniper trees. the grass pollen starting to rise. the highest concentrations around las vegas and houston. either way, a lot of people including samantha she's like achoo. >> we'll take it. thank you, ginger. sflmplgt coming up a warning for men who use muscle-building supplements. a new study revealing the health risks. spring break is over. time to start thinking about summer vacation. what you feed to know before you book to save big. allergies kicking in? >> yep. incredible! i've been claritin clear for ten days. when your allergy symptoms start, doctors recommend taking one claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with powerful 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin live claritin clear. every day.
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you can stretch it further. and that means you can go farther, too. head to paris in june you can buy 25% more croissants and cafe au laits. >> international prices are down. >> reporter: let you credit card take you places. many companies offer bonus miles. if you spend a certain amount in the first three months. by july you could be on the way to your dream summer vacation. there is some bad news. air fair isre is not expected to get cheaper. the exchange rate won't make the prices lower. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis.
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welcome back to "gma," everybody. the battle over the future of music is heating up. jay zrvegs is already in the game. but he's about to face some stiff competition from apple. abc's chris connelly has the story. ♪ >> reporter: from t. swizle. ♪ i'm just gonna shake shake shake shake ♪ >> reporter: to rihanna. ♪ now i'm four five seconds ♪ >> reporter: and madonna. ♪ maybe it was all too much too much for a man to take ♪ >> reporter: top stars taking sides in the online battle over which streaming service will attract most music lovers. >> streaming services is where all the kids are. >> reporter: apple's newly acquired beatz music.
7:50 am
jay z's tidal. and the industry leader spotify. ♪ and i have the red-lipped classic thing that you like ♪ >> reporter: apple courting taylor swift. she pulled her music off spotify. and a dozen more acts. reports "rolling stone." they'll take on can ya. serial stage kisser madonna. and rihanna and beyonce, who signed up for a piece of the action at tidal. >> artists what to know how much money they're getting per stream. >> reporter: with megamillions at stake, it's just the kind of showdown cookie from "empire" would love. >> the streets airport made for everybody. that's why they make side walks. >> that's right, boo-boo kitty. >> we're going to find out who is taking the sidewalk on this
7:51 am
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at your local supercenter. stul ahead on "gma," parents playing favorites. we from the mom who admits she does it. sflnch and how much should you really tip?
7:56 am
7:57 am
avenue so again river drives are going to be the way to go instead. and you might remember earlier this morning we had big issues on the westbound side with a crash out around gulph mills. that's clear now but the westbound delay is still very heavy. 50 minutes to get from the 59 sign to the blue route. that's about four times what it should be so very slow there. and watch out for a crash in bensalem along street road right by 95. tam. >> thank you matt. let's take a live look here now down the shore. wherever you are around the region you're dealing with rain right now. let's go over to meteorologist, david murphy. >> rain still falling here on the terrace tam. that's for sure. take a look. storm tracker six live double scan and you can see that the far northern and western suburbs continue to dry. but in the i-95 corridor down toward south jersey and the ocean we are still looking at rain and we're going to see gradual drying from north to south today but philadelphia probably staying pretty damp until at least lunchtime. the shore you may not get finished with the rain until later on this evening. 63 degrees is the current temperature. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high this
7:58 am
afternoon of 65 with rain gradually ending from north to south through the rest of the day and into the evening. dry and nice tomorrow, though, tam. >> looking forward to that. thank you david. can coming own "gma" the latest o and who was booted off of "dancing with the stars." we'll see you back here in 30. in your
7:59 am
whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger!
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. what's the real reason the world's highest paid supermodel is leaving the runway? ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ and kelly rutherford is speaking out about her bitter custody battle. >> i know it's not right. everyone knows it's not right. >> reporter: her emotional interview about her final plea to get back her kids. ♪ this is gonna be the best day of my life ♪ taking over times square the dogs that save lives. they're bringing love live.
8:01 am
and good morning, america. a big crowd out there in times square this tuesday morning. the one guy needs a cup of coffee. >> me too. >> a late night in the ballroom. big night. disney night. there's rumer willis channeling her inner ursula. demi and bruce cheering her all the way. speaking of stars, golf is in the headlines. what with jason spieth winning the masters. we have an emerging golf star. >> i'm here with mariah stackhouse. how are you? >> i'm good. >> i'm happy. she's the youngest and only african-american female golfer to qualify for the u.s. open. she tied one of tiger woods' course records as a freshman in college. i'm going the putt this.
8:02 am
what are my chances? >> well you know? >> just say slim to none. >> slim to none. >> as i putt this back to you in the studio to lara. come on baby. come on for daddy. >> oh. >> oh! >> that would have been so good. >> thank you, mariah. >> mariah has opted to stay in college at stanford. and jordan left college to go with the pros. it's interesting. the decisions that you make. it's my way of saying his name right. jordan instead of jason. jordan. ? any chance you want to. also we're excited to show you our doggie cam. daisy and cassi rks. they're doing great work. they're therapy dogs. they help make life so much
8:03 am
better for so many people. and we're going have more with them coming up later in the show. >> they make my life better every time their here. we have to get news from amy. a major terror attack in somalia somalia's capital. targeting the ministry of education. several people are feared dead. the attackers appear to be from the same al shabab militant group that killed 150 people earlier this month at a college in kenya. back here at home hillary clinton holding her first campaign events in iowa today. she was spotted on her 1,000-mile road trip monday ordering lunch at chipotle. in iowa she'll try to appeal to the people she calls everyday americans. marco rub wroe kicking off with a traditional rally in miami. he played to his youth and his
8:04 am
roots. saying he is the candidate for the 21st century. we'll have more of george's interview coming up. and now the bizarre emergency landing in seattle. triggered by banging and screaming from the cargo hold of an alaska airlines flight. a terrified baggage handler who had fallen asleep on the job was trapped in the cargo hold just below the main cabin. that man is okay. thankful the garcargohold was pressurized. more than 200 people sick on cruise ships. legend of the sea is is arriving today with 100 people sickened from unknown causes. and a celebrity cruise liner arrived monday with 112 people on board who had contracted the noro virus. a warning for men who use the muscle-building supplements. a new study shows regular use of powders or pills could increase your risk of testicular cancer
8:05 am
by as much as 65%. doctors say more research is needed. they called the results troubling. men who begin using muscle-building supplements at an earlier age had greater risk. we hear about high school kids asking for celebrities to take them to the prom all the time. joy webb asked her grandpa to go. he didn't go to his prom in the early 1950s because he was serving in the war. it was his first time wearing a tuxedo. how is that for a lovely tuesday kicker. >> what a sweet girl. >> and what a sweet family. >> thank you for that. >> i wonder what his moves were like? >> grandpa moves. >> yeah. pop news and weather coming up. now, michael is over in the social square. >> now, here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in the social square powered by
8:06 am
samsung galaxy. in "pop news" supermodel gisele revealing why it's time to stop walking the runway. and kelly rutherford talks about trying to get her kids back. and do you have a favorite child? the mom admitting she does. you know we all have something to say about that. and all the magical moments from disney night on "dancing with the stars." all coming up live on "gma" in times square.
8:07 am
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8:09 am
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8:11 am
it's 8:11 and time for "pop news" everybody. we begin with chris harrison who has helped a lot of bachelors and bachelorettes become couples. the you can't help them maybe at least he can make them rich. he'll be the new host of "who wants to be a millionaire "? he'll take over from terry crews. he's busy. for the 14th season this fall. and you know he may need to phone a froend answer this question. how will chris find time to host "the bachelor" and all of its
8:12 am
spin-offs in l.a. and millionaire in new york. and miss america in his spare time. throw that man a lifeline. >> are you volunteering? he's your biddy. >> he's my buddy. i'm not offering. next, the world's highst paid model, gisele bundchen announced she's hanging up her heels. starting next week, she'll storm the runway for one more show. michael, you had a thought of why she might be retiring? >> yep, to help her husband learn how to throw a baseball. >> that is one theory. however, she tells a brazilian newspaper that it was her body that quote asked her to stop. the 34-year-old won't be disappearing from the fashion scene. she says ending her catwalk career will allow her more time with her children and other projects. >> we have not heard the last. >> sounds like an athlete. hi body said enough. >> enough is enough.
8:13 am
and i do need to help my husband. >> husband. >> are you likening your body to that of gisele? >> in certain circles, people may consider me a gisele of male football players. >> and we'll find out when -- what is that movie? >> that was such an uncomfortable question robin. >> i can't believe you answered that. >> i didn't know what to say. >> walk away. >> when "magic mike two xxl" come this is summer. >> maybe i should leave the set. >> no this will help you sleep. all you need is ed sheeran. i love this song. the most popular bed time songs. and sherran's thinking out loud takes the number one spot. 7 of the top 20 songs are sung by ed including the songs, the a team give me love and
8:14 am
photograph, proving you snooze, ed doesn't lose. other songs to catch some zs include sam smith's stay with me and ellie goulding's love me like you do. i cannot carry a tune. i can deliver "pop news." that is done. >> thank you, >> i found some very talented i don't know ladies had town for a ballet competition. how are you doing that? show me the hands how that -- oh, aren't they so graceful. you know what's not graceful the storms in corpus christi texas. we have an earth cam view. it is really stormy. the rainy heavy at times. , see the lie lightning through there. its it is just nonstop and that's likely waking up a little early in south texas and that's where was the causes of flash flooding could be there. you can see new orleans one of those target areas, four plus inches western north carolina and just north of atlanta into the mountains.
8:15 am
out west it's the wind, the gusts up to 50 even 75 miles per hour. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home. >> well, ginger we could see some heavy to steady rain in parts of south jersey and southern delaware later today. for now it's light nuisance rain, clearing out of allentown and reading and through the day this will tend to drop closer to the shore but probably not clear philadelphia until around lunchtime and maybe not until this evening along the coast. sky six shows you it's damp temperatures around 60. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 65 is today's high cloudy with showers exiting the region from north to south very slowly during the day. nice tomorrow. every city in texas. from where? >> houston. >> austin. >> san antonio. >> we got them all covered. happy birthday. back inside. >> they have been friends for 40 45 years. i was talking to them earlier. first up gossip girl star
8:16 am
kelly rutherford's passionate fight to get her children back. the star recently losing a court battle with her ex-husband who is living with the kids in france. >> reporter: yet another devastating setback for rutherford. what she's going through she claims is unprecedented. no other u.s. court has ordered children to live in another country when they have an able parent here in the united states. kelly ruterford's desperate request to get her kids back to the united states denied. >> i know it's not right. parents know it's -- everybody knows it's not right. >> reporter: she's been embroiled in a six-year custody battled that she says spirld out of control when a california judge sent her children in live in france with her german ex-husband ex-husband daniel giersch.
8:17 am
they were supposed to share custody custody. but since her ex is not allowed back in the united states she has to go the france to meet them. >> the heart of the ruling was saying we don't want to force these kids to fly around to visit their father who can't come into the united states so we're going to move them to france. >> reporter: perhaps best known for her role on "gossip girl" she played an elegant mom that seemed to visit all together. >> i just got a message. >> reporter: offscreen, she's devastated. her daughter and son both born in the u.s. now living 6,000 miles away. are you more frustrated or angry or sad? >> i can tell you how often i cry. i can tell you how it feels to leave my kids in a foreign country. to see them after not seeing them for weeks on end. not being able to take them to school, pick them up from school dress them smell them
8:18 am
hug them. >> reporter: the expense of the ongroing legal battle leaving her to file for bankruptcy. she was in federal court arguing her children's rights as u.s. citizens. that court dismissed the case saying the children have not been deported. they retain their united states citizenship. once they reach the age of majority they'll be free to choose where to reside. under such circumstances it would be improper for the federal courts to assume jurs zigs. the california court said that giersch needed to continue to apply to be let back in the united states. >> she has two options. go back to california say, hey, california court, have your ruling enforced. and/or b, make this political. have the state department get involved. have some leading political figures make an argument that this is ridiculous. >> i told my son, i said you
8:19 am
know mommy is still fighting for you. my children not only were they taken away but they were sent to a foreign country. i don't know how you explain to someone what it feels like. >> when we asked for comment, giersch's lawyer says daniel continues to protect the children from negativity and will not engage in the false media fabrications. rutherford maintains this is all about protecting her children and others. she's established an organization with that goal that no other children have to go through what hers are. it's hard to believe. >> it's hard to imagine. >> there's got the be a better solutions. there's got to be. it is yahoo! your day time. talking about an issue. sit wrong to have a favorite child? what should you do if your kids think you do?
8:20 am
reena ninan has a story of a mommy blogger having trouble to bond with her kids. >> do you guys have favorite kids? >> reporter: most parents try to stay neutral. >> honey, don't be ridiculous. parents love all their children infin it inially. >> i would say axl. >> what do you think? >> reporter: 30-year-old mother of two lori hartman says her 3-year-old daughter is her favorite writing in her blog, i don't feel guilty for having a favorite child. despite the immense love i have for both of my children i couldn't help feeling like the bond with my daughter my first born was different. stronger. >> i had fears. my heart wouldn't have enough room to love another child. there's something so special about your first child. we really had a strong bond. which one goes with which? >> reporter: lauren admits when
8:21 am
she first realed she was growing closer to her daughter, she was initially ashamed. >> it feels awful to think, i have a favorite. i have had more time to get to know her and to develop that bond and my bond with my son is going to grow. >> pretty. >> reporter: though she may have a favorite today. >> oops. >> reporter: lauren says she knows at some point, the roles may change. >> i think that over the years, i'll probably just -- i'll probably connect with my children each in different ways. maybe in the teenage years when may daughter is maybe challenging and emotional i might find myself gravitating towards my son. relationships are ever changing. i feel like children are no exception. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> we asked, sit okay to have a favorite child? 74% of you said no. 26% said yes.
8:22 am
let's hear lindsey powers. >> what's your take? >> it depends on where these kids are in their lives. she's got on the know her older child a little bit better. if a child is an age that you relate to more you may find that they may be your quote unquote favorite child. this may be different the next week. >> parents need to think about this. there was a study that suggests that the perception a parent has a favorite child can push them towards addiction. advice to parents feeling this? >> i think perception is key. what you said. you want to make hur that one kid doesn't feel like their parent likes them more than the other. that can lead to issues. sibling rivalry. the relationship with their parents. it's important to take some time to make sure that each kid feels special. >> one-on-one time because, a lot of us i have two daughters. you have to try to find things
8:23 am
that you can share with each child separate from one another, yes? >> so each child feels like they have their time to shine. a kid with a baseball game one we can, they're the star. the next week a ballet recital. everyone if they don't have an event, it's important to carve out that time. doesn't need to be expensive or fancy. can be lunch. can be just a quick walk around the block. something my husband and i do with our season to make sure we have personal time with him. >> quality time. >> great advice. next up in the "heat index" disney night on "dancing with the stars." lots of magic in the ballroom. but suzanne comesomers and her partner, tony, heading home. >> reporter: a night filled with fantasy. the stars dancing to delightful disney musical numbers. ♪ ♪ a pour unfortunate soul ♪
8:24 am
>> reporter: rumer willis channeling her inner ursula. earning three 10s. >> you are a fantastic dancer. >> reporter: bee hind riker lynch, his jack sparrow trying to steal the show. and olympic gymnast nastia liukin and derek hough playing it cool with their "frozen" themed dance. the week filled with injuries. chris soules dancing with a pulled calf. and singer patti labelle. >> i just don't want it to be painful. i want you to be here. i want you to be here. >> i want to be here. >> reporter: refusing to let an injured knee keep her from stunning the audience. >> you have a presence and
8:25 am
attitude beyond anything. >> reporter: for some couples, the night didn't end happily ever after. >> you were so out of step. >> reporter: it was time for tony and suzanne to be woken up. >> suzanne and tony. >> reporter: the former "three's company" start sent home. ♪ hers and hers and his three's company, too ♪ >> i don't think i can stay with the show. >> this is the part where you have to say, you know what i'm going to do as best as i can. >> reporter: and a few missteps on the the dance floor. >> it's such a pity you had that hiccup because, without a doubt, that was your best dance. >> we had it nailed. then my heel got caught in my dress. that's life. that's competition. >> i thought you recovered. >> he was saying move. i was going like this. we caught up again. >> reporter: an uphill battle they faced from the start. >> this competition is
8:26 am
definitely not fair. no one expects it to be fair. they say they judge each person on its own merit. they didn't judge us the right way. >> reporter: thankful for the experience that they had. >> i think people forgot she's 68 because she looks so good. i wouldn't change one thing. >> and i so loved this. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison abc news los angeles. >> they had a nice connection. >> tony's wonderful. a wonderful partner. >> a great, great guy. >> good job, suzanne. >> don't miss all the action next monday. coming up, we've got puppies.
8:27 am
>> ♪♪ >> good morning. philadelphia police are looking for the drivers in two separate hit and runs last night. witnesses say a woman was driving a black ford edge similar to this one that hit and killed a four-year-old boy in southwest philadelphia. and then in a separate crash a late model sedan struck and critically injured a mother and her three-year-old son in west kensington. it's 8:27 now on this tuesday april 14th. let's get your first check of your commute with matt pelman. good morning. >> and tam, i know we all like the number six around here but not when it's 66 minutes on the eastbound travel time along the schuylkill expressway. when ideally that number should be 14. and it's all because of this a car fire pretty much just completely cleared out but let's show you what it looked like about an hour ago. it was a car fire eastbound on the schuylkill near girard.
8:28 am
fire crews extinguished the fire. as you saw now all lanes are reopened on the eastbound side of the schuylkill but you still want to stick with the river drives because the schuylkill is still severely jammed. out on the maps we're watching a crash in north hills montgomery county along north hills avenue near spruce and in chester county it's new crash at 30 bypass eastbound by route 100 jammed solid coming out of downingtown headed towards exton. tam. >> thank you matt. let's head to dave murphy who has the umbrella up. good morning. >> a pretty decent rain falling on the terrace steady rate now stamp. storm tracker six live double scan shows you how we have dried out in allentown and reading and this rain is slowly pushing toward the south and east but we're probably going to be dealing with it until up around midday in the i-95 corridor and down south in south jersey and delaware it's probably not over until this evening sometime and it could be heavy at times in south jersey and delaware. 63 right now in philadelphia. so fairly mild. this afternoon a high of 65, rain slowly ending from north to south as we go through the rest the day.
8:29 am
and then partly sunny and nice tomorrow, a high of 68. and dry tam. >> okay, thank you david. back to "gma." we'll see in you 30. [sfx: bell] [burke] the more you learn about your insurance the more gaps you may find. [burke] like how you may be covered for this... [burke] but not for something like this... [burke] talk to farmers and see what gaps could be hiding in your coverage. [sfx: yeti noise] ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
8:30 am
♪ we have sweet dogs. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's mad house out here. it's a mad house. we have one amazing young woman with us golf prodigy mariah stackhouse. crushing the competition. can't wait to chat with the superstar ath leaselete on the rise. thank you very much. this hair's gotta last me. >> right when we walked outside. mariah, wonderful to see you. glamour magazine. top ten college women. >> she's so great. look who else is great. one right there? here are our favorite therapy dogs. cassie and daisy. the cameras on their back. we'll get their view of what's
8:31 am
going on here. they do such good good work for so many. oh, so nice. >> we're going home with you. >> i think i got another one. lara save me. >> this is mine. we have to share because they do such great work for so many people. welcome to "gma." and right now, we want to talk to you about tipping. from taxis to sfraunts technology has made i had easier than ever to tip. not necessarily easy on your wallet. what should you give a waiter versus a cab driver. you know who knows? nick watt. >> reporter: buy a $3 coffee these days and prepare for this. one, two, or three-buck tip options. that's 33 66 or 100%. take the new york city cab and the lowest option offered is 20%. i always thought 0% was the top end of the scale. what we're expected to tip is going up. >> yes, it is.
8:32 am
absolutely. the new norm is now 18% to 20%. >> there you go. >> reporter: for a smile,2% at least. these machines pay by ipad are largely the reason. look closely and there is a customize tip option. sit okay to go for the manual option and go cheaper? >> absolutely. you're not held hostage. but the thing is you're going to have to stand there, hit the other, calculate it yourself and put it in. all along, everybody is staring at you. >> i don't think you should be embarrassed into tipping somebody. >> reporter: christina is the chief concierge in beverly hills. food 20% standard. car valley $2 to $5. billion hop three bucks a bag. barista, $3 coffee what are we talking? >> i don't think i have tipped the barista.
8:33 am
>> reporter: oh yeah brave now have use the customized tip option. you're going look like a cheapskate. >> perception is reality. >> reporter: you've almost got to go for 25. nick watt abc news los angeles. right now, to ginger with a final check on the weather. >> everybody wants the rain to go away this morning. it will. we'll see drying out. let's start with washing >> we're one of our computer models will show showers. 62 for d.c. looking in the afternoon and evening for the drying to come from the north and west. 62 for buffalo. it was so warm in western new york yesterday. upwards of 70's close to 80's. 90's plus in orlando and new orleans. remember you have that pocket rain through thursday. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. >> thanks, ginger. dave murphy here with your update. obviously we have rain across a good portion of the region. this is slowly dying down from
8:34 am
north to south today. it could had a and around in the i-95 corridor. 65 is today's high activia. we're so happy to have the stars behind our doggie cams here this morning, daisy and cassie. they're part of a program called paws for patient. in honor of national vol. tier week. evelyn is here. she's brought these amazing pet therapy pups. sometimes you need puppy love. >> absolutely. >> so good to have you here. tell us about the program. they help patients. how does it work. now that we have the cameras, we're able to see. >> sure sure sure. we have the pleasure of having these two dogs with us today. how does it work in they're qualified therapy dogs. they're able to come in and visit our patients. they're able to bring joy and excitement to a patient's day,
8:35 am
when sometimes it's not exciting. >> i thought about my dog doing this. how do you pick the dogs? >> they need to be qualified. there are accreditation organize any stations. they have to asoesz their demeanor. a good temperament. not all dogs are good therapy dogs. once they pass the program, they can be qualified as a therapy dog. >> i know that they're cute. because they're lovely to look at. how are they kind of like doctors. that was something someone said. >> they too, do their rounds in the morning or afternoon. they do our very mindful of our hand hygiene and infection controls. hand washing before and after the visits is extremely important. >> they do hand washing. then i can get a paw, right? can i get a paw?
8:36 am
all right. that is a washed hand, my friends. george i might be stealing your puppy. >> thank you. i'm here with our friend cokie roberts. she's got a new book out today called "capital dames." cokie, great to have you back. i want to talk about the book in a minute. i gotta talk to you about hillary. >> speaking of powerful women. >> trying to do it in a different, low-key way. >> she's kind of running against herself. her own last campaign and -- who america thinks she is. and our crack pollster here at abc has put out research that shows a woman who is strong and powerful is not seen as friendly and empathetic. here we are in 2015 and we still have to deal with that. so that's what she's doing. trying to show people how she's a warm and friendly person. i think we'll see a lot of that baby. >> the grandbaby is one new
8:37 am
thing. last time she had a didn't theory. she was going to be the strong woman. >> she was afraid people would think a woman was too weak to have her hand on the button or the red telephone in the night. now she's selling wisdom which is a good thing in an old woman. >> it's a good thing. you write about the civil war era. how an entire population of men were out fighting the war and women had to come into the forefront in a different way, especially if washingtonn washington. >> they were happy to do it. they were deeply deeply political women. they were strong for their fathers, husbands brothers. those men were gone. or they disagreed with them. or they had to play roles supporting them. so they became on the the political scene themselves. >> i love the title, "capital dames."
8:38 am
of all of them which is the one you would love to sit down? >> i have to admit, the southern women were more fun. verena davis, jefferson davis' wife was the greatest conversationalist. she moved to new york in the end. became good presents with julia grant, the wife of ulysses grant, understanding she was ding reconciliation. she was a great conversationalist. everybody wrote about that. what's so neat, george is i was able to read all their mail. >> they can't delete the e-mails. >> no personal servers. i know what they said about each other. they liked her a lot. >> and we have seen the role we think of the role of first lady as evolving over time. first ladies taking on more issues. mary todd linking, she was not afraid to put her stamp on issues either. >> she was not. they didn't like her a lot.
8:39 am
she was not a well-liked person. she was a i kuzed of leaking the president's state of the union message and lincoln had to go the capitol hill and say please don't speenubpoena my wife. >> you had a strong role model, your mom, started out behind the scenes. helping your father. also became -- >> this is her swearing in as the ambassador to the vatican. she was a congresswoman for nine terms. a long time. almost 20 years. she used her power to help other women and children. and had spent her years as a congressional wife making sure that african-americans had equal rights. she inspired me to learn about the women. >> another great capital dame. great to see you again. >> thank you, george.
8:40 am
when we come back, the woman who could be the next tiger woods, mariah stackhouse already matching his records. she's her
8:41 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food.
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8:43 am
mariah stackhouse has been showing us how it's done all morning long. she's been ruling the putt putt course. she's the 21-year-old golf prodigy from stanford university and one of "glamour's" top ten women. she's the youngest african-american woman to qualify for the u.s. open. please welcome mariah to times square. >> she's always one of the nicest. >> thank you. >> i love her caddies here. you have achieved so much. i love the curtis cup, how you were able to help team usa in a victory over great britain. that had to be very special. >> it was one of the most special moments of my life. one of the most historical competitions in golf. i've been playing with those girls since i was little. now we get a chance to come together and represent america and defend the cup.
8:44 am
it was so much fun. >> it's wonderful to see. you were 2 years old when your dad started taking you to the driving range. started playing when you were 6. won the georgia women's amateur at 14. come on. >> it's been a dream ride. my dad's been so great. pi parents have been so supportive. my dad never forced me to do it. i have blossomed in the game. it's taken me to amazing places. i've met amazing people. got me to stanford. it's just been quite a journey. >> look how grateful she is. so nice to see someone so appreciative. so talented. you have so much ahead of you. >> and she's majoring in communications. she'll be taking one of our jobs. >> i think it's great your parents let you find the love for the game. i'm sure they saw you were excellent. but they said, you know what? unless you have that within you, you won't get to your level.
8:45 am
>> they always told me to remember you're never going to be just a golfer. never make that your whole world because they want me to be a well-rounded person and be great all around. it was always my decision. at the end of every year my dad would make me take three to four weeks off. decide reflect. see if i want to continue playing. >> you have good parents. >> i do. >> you had decided to stay in school. we saw jordan spieth he winning the masters is great, he left school. 21 years old, winning the masters like this. you have said you're going to slow your roll a little bit. you'll let it come in time? >> absolutely. i value my education. i was so blessed to get into stanford. i want to get that degree and learn from my peers, not just take the classes. i wouldn't trade i had for the world. >> i think we can learn something from you. >> can i just clone you now? show us your skills. >> we have a hazard. >> all right, all right.
8:46 am
you don't usually golf in this attire. >> not in heels. >> over the hill. oh oh come on. >> that was right on line. >> a little too hard. >> yeah yeah yeah. have you all done it? >> i'm a caddie. >> you're a caddie? how was last night with "glamour" magazine? >> it was great. they arranged a panel for us in the audience. it was about focusing on how to land your dream job in 2015. they gave us advice on how to target your interests. focus on your passions. one of the things i took away was there was a question asked about, your options and your interests. and limiting them. it said focus on one thing, but you can do so many things. women don't have to have one career in their lifetime. you can have 15 at any given moment. i took that away. if you have a passion, chase it.
8:47 am
>> amen! >> no rule that you can only have one career. >> many like that. somewhat your ten-year plan? >> in ten years, i hope to be the best on the lpga and competing. that's in my ten-year goal. >> my money's on you. >> i don't know. you know -- stand like this? >> i mean honestly. >> if the windmill is not going, or the clown's mouth, i'm not good. i don't know what i'm doing here. >> gentle putt. >> i was trying to bang it a little bit there. >> well done. >> yeah yeah yeah. mariah you are a breath of fresh air. congratulations on all your success. we have the trophy, gary, the trophy. >> add another award to your collection. >> until you win on the lpga tour this is good. the spray paint is still wet.
8:48 am
>> we want to say thanks for the putt putt course. coming up, more of george's interview with marco rubio, the senator and his wife opening up about their marriage family and faith. i gotta take another shot. >> one more. dunkin's new vanilla coffee creamer really tastes like it has more vanilla flavor. how is that even possible? boom! [ laughter ] oh, it's possible. introducing dunkin's new coffee creamer. extra vanilla flavor you can really taste.
8:49 am
anncr: sometimes our pets... aren't the only ones... that make bad choices.
8:50 am
woman: honey, i'm home! anncr: now there's petarmor plus. so you can protect your pets without the shame of overpaying. petarmor plus. available at target. presidential cam prans often family affairs. especially when the candidate has four kids under the age of 16. just before he launched his run yesterday, marco rubio and his wife jeanette sat down to talk to me about his family's decision. are you ready for all this? >> yes. yes, i am. >> reporter: excited? >> exciting.
8:51 am
overwhelming. >> reporter: they are high school sweethearts. did he -- was he smooth? is that a no? >> well um -- >> i was funny. >> he was funny. that he was. he definitely charmed me with humor. >> reporter: you took your time. seven years of courting. ? we did. >> i couldn't afford to get married. i was still a student. as soon as i got out of law school i proposed. valentine's day 1997. >> reporter: empire state building in new york. you loved sleepless in seattle. >> i did. i loved that movie. >> shall we? >> reporter: did you ever imagine he would run for president one day? >> no. people talk about it when they're young. you say, i would like to do this. i wish i could do that. i never thought it would come to this. >> reporter: pro football another shared bond. i read his real sunday fave on
8:52 am
top of being catholic is the dolphins. >> yes. >> reporter: the only one on the field is you. >> yes. >> reporter: a short stint as a dolphins cheerleader. they want their kids to stay grounded. what can you tell us about the family meeting when the final decision was made? >> oh my gosh. the kids the young ones excited. >> reporter: the way it works in our house, we talk about things at the kitchen table, at dinner. one of my daughters pulls my wife aside afterwards and gives her the real story. did you get the real story afterwards? >> i did. i did. my daughter my amanda mom, what's going to happen? am i going to be able to go to parties? able to do regular things that kids do? >> reporter: i get it. president obama had to promise his kids a dog after the campaign. >> they already have a dog. >> reporter: they already have a dog. have you had to promise them anything? >> we heard early on in the time
8:53 am
many in white house, you get a bill for ice cream and pizza. >> once the kids heard that dan daniella said we want that. >> reporter: the perks of office. >> but you to pay for it. >> reporter: you have to pay for it. thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> not a bad reward for the kids. a perfect shot on the putt putt course. >> that's the word on the street. after four five different
8:54 am
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8:56 am
pressure was on. >> it was. >> oh! >> there it is. back of the hole. robin roberts. >> i did call the bank shot right? i have officially retired. have a great day, everybody. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 8:56 on this tuesday april 14th. i'm tamala edwards. leggett your last look at track for the morning and go over to matt pelman.
8:57 am
good morning. >> tam, remember how a few hours ago i said things weren't that bad on the roads. my how things change. check out the eastbound parking lot by conshohocken. still 48 minutes to get from this point from the blue route into the vine. that should be a 14 minute ride. we're far from it. you want to take alternates. severing now opened on 76. in bristol bucks county a truck stuck under an overpass along jefferson avenue near garden street and 13 bristol bypass is closed today for construction. our crash in chester county on the 30 bypass eastbound near 100 completely off to the side but still about 6 miles of show traffic there. have a good day, tam. >> you too matt let's go sky six and take a live look there in atlantic city. see the vein really -- rain is really can coming down. >> it may taper off this morning early this afternoon around 95.
8:58 am
storm tracker six live double scan the northern suburbs have dried out. down south in atlantic city and dover places like that you're probably looking at rain the rest of the way dan it could even get heavy at times down there. temperature right now 62 degrees. it's fallen just a little bit with the rain moving through and your seven-day from accuweather shows a high of 65. again, showers ending from north to south but very slowly during the day and it may be dinnertime or later before the shore dries out. tomorrow partly sunny and 68. a nice day. cool and dry on thursday, tam. >> okay, thank you david. coming up today on "action news" at noon police are looking for the suv driver who hit and killed a four-year-old and kept going. we'll have a live report with more on the suspect's vehicle and the tragedy in southwest philadelphia. "live with kelly and michael" next up here on 6abc. have a great tuesday. >> ♪♪
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, broadway and television star matthew morrison and from the hit drama "ncis," actress pauley perrette. plus from "dancing with the stars," suzanne somers and tony dovolani. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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